Sunday, November 06, 2005


SATURDAY NIGHT BURGER; FREEDOM FRIES; CHICKEN-RANCH PEPPERCORN DANCE DANCE DISASTER FIASCO COMBO KJJ: Nothing like driving up to the top floor of an empty downtown parkade one Saturday night to lay out a picnic in the back of your car complete with the most heinous yet delicious yet heinous yet delicious yet seriously heinous fast-food combo. USA! USA! USA! JRW: Check out that burger action. We were gonna eat at the Whataburger, but thed place was busting at the seams with deaf high school kids, so we decided to find a more tranquil locale to enjoy this fine meal. I could think of no seting more befitting our culinary choice-I wanted us to have a view of the stars. Plus, when else are we going to test out the weird table-thing in the back of our car? KJJ: I had the Whatachicken Peppercorn Ranch combo because they've been advertising it so damn much on the teevee. It was ridiculous. Thats all I can really say about it. Ridiculous. The ketchup was f'ing awesome on those fries. God almighty I do love ketchup. I guess this combo is great for the kind of people that buy, like, bacon bits and actually dig the taste of bacon bits and ranch dressing. Why did I order this? I really hate ranch dressing. Its so gross. The good thing about this burger was that it was decently peppered. Good pepper performance. The other good thing was when my companion said "you don't have to eat the rest of that." JRW: I plays it safe. Burger, no tomato, no mayo. No bird flu for me, thanks kindly. No, I'll just risk some MAD COW. The fries were very good, not too starchy. KJJ: The scene on the rooftop. I found that My Little Pony downtown the other night. JRW does not let me display it to the public, so I used it as a centerpiece for our evening picnic. We were regretting this meal before we even got to the club. Much like you should be regretting ever having read this "blog". JRW: We went to see a band called ADULT. but we ate like KIDS.