Thursday, November 03, 2005


KJJ: Oh man... we've been so quiet. And it all has to do with Community Coffee. This is the worst coffee known to man, and JRW accidentally purchased it. So things haven't been so good lately. Neither of us can get up out of bed and we've pretty much stopped bathing or feeding the fish. Out of the corner of my eye the other day I saw JRW just mumbling and looking up at the sky like help was gonna drop out of the clouds or something. I mostly spend the hours rolling around on the floor in the fetal position, stopping only occaisionally to cut myself and stare hatefully at the bag of shitty shitty Community Coffee. I want an answer.... to WHY? WHY would a company sell this to us? We are but well meaning Austin apartment dwellers. So thats my excuse as to why we havent been able to update. I guess things will change soon, but I'm not sure how. In the meantime, I will leave you with the writing of a very emotionally charged internet user by the name of Immoral Tangent. I'm pretty sure thats his nickname, not his real name. He talks in his internet posts of food and eating, so its sort of relevant. I think he's really capturing "something" in his writing: "so i was leaning on the sink this morning, as i usually do while brushing my teeth, and the grout or whatever that shit is that glued it to the wall let loose, and now the sink isnt connected to the wall, which kinda sucks. glad we have a landlord instead of owning this place. the show last night was pretty cool... armor for sleep wasnt as good as i was hoping, partly because they only played one song from the first album, but to my surprise, FATA was really good. i was expecting them to suck, but they played pretty much 4 songs from each album, so it was a nice balance and they were into it. their bassist was annoying as hell though, saying stupid shit into the mic between songs. i've gotten addicted to chilled cappuccinos in the last week.. so easy to dump mix, water and ice into a blender. had to make a special trip out tonight to pick up more. while i was looking for random other beverages, i came across a "self heating" container of rich carmel latte, which i got just to try it out. i guess thatll be my "breakfast" tomorrow morning. maybe karim can explain the chemical reaction that makes it work, cuz i saw a feature on fox news about this product but i wasnt paying attention. so the inevitable finally happened... i've been pushin my luck since the beginning of the school year, wearing my last pair of contacts with no backups, and today in class my eye started bothering me, so i started rubbing it, and long story short, the contact came out, unfortunately split in half. class ended at 12:15, so i hauled ass to the busstop, got to the house, threw on my glasses and hopped back on a bus to get to my 1 pm class about 7 min late. no back up contacts means i have to wear my goddamn glasses, which, while at least they arent emo glasses, i really dont like. they probably arent that bad from an external point of view, but i dont like them. i think my sister and i are close in prescriptions so i had my dad mail me one of her contacts until i can get an eye appointment. wont get here before tomorrow afternoon at the earliest, so its glasses for at least the next day. i'm just hoping that the other half of the contact isnt still lodged in my eye socket somewhere. that would severely suck to get an eye infection. hit white castle on the way out of town... huge mistake. i had 3 burgers last night and it upset my stomach really bad, and then i had the last 2 this morning and it did the same thing. so no more white castle for me."