Sunday, November 06, 2005


TUNA MELT & HOME-FRIES KJJ: Dang y'all, why its gotta be so hot up in here all the time? Why its gotta be 30 degrees celcius my whole life in November? Why I gotta make something that requires the oven to be on? Answer: because it tastes so dang tasty!! Can you see the happy face in the ketchup? Thats because I'm happy. Happy to be eating tuna melts with my dude on a Sunday night, sweating to death in Texas. JRW: How much does life rule? I think this says it all. Tuna filet melt with lots of celery and a wicked swiss cheese, homefries, pickle spears and oranges. it's like, everything is represented here. How smart and balanced are we? I mean, for real, this is like the WHOLE PYRAMID, the one they used to teach you about in elementary school, but now they don't because COCA COLA took over the FDA and gives kids little else to eat at school except crappy sugar until they balloon and get diabetes and then their fat parents wonder how their kids got so fat, too, then blame it all on genetics. Dude. I just went OFF.