Thursday, November 03, 2005


CRISPY-FRIED MARINATED TOFU; UDON IN BONITO & MISO BROTH KJJ: You got your thing, I got mine. JRW: Whatever, it was GOOD. I ate KJ to the J's, as well. The tofu was perfect, fried crisp, yet still juicy and texturous inside (is that a word? I just made that up!). Great flavor, methinks (methought? DAMN COMMUNITY COFFEE). Also, the best part of his meal was left out, but I imagine it will pop it's cheesy little head out again really soon in ye olde blog. KJJ: I'm glad one of us liked this meal. I mildly enjoyed the tofu, which was marinated in tamari and rice wine vinegar, but would have liked it more on a bed of nice soft rice. The problem here was pre-packaged bonito stock which gave the noodles a repulsive fish flavour. I adjusted this recipe before serving: the udon, according to the recipe, should have been served with lots of broth, kind of like a... wet, fishy, radishy, soupy, overcooked carroty, noodle bowl... I tried to save the day by mixing a lot of miso into the noodles and draining them. Its hard to imagine the noodles tasting worse, but I guess they could have.