Monday, November 28, 2005


SWEET MINT & MUSTARD PORK CHOPS WITH MUSHROOMS, APPLES & ONIONS; SAUTEED GARLIC SUGAR SNAP PEAS; BROWN RICE; "FRUIT & NUT" SPINACH SALAD WITH GARLIC FLAX OIL & VINEGAR DRESSING, APPLES, SOY NUTS, SUNFLOWER SEEDS & PUMPKIN SEEDS. KJJ: Victory over vegetariansism. Sigh. Step one- look for lamb chops in the HEB and discover they are indeed $13.99 each. Decide instead on pork chops. Remember uncomfortably that PIGS (not "porks") are super f**king intelligent - as smart as a 3 year old toddler - and that mom says never to eat them. Tragically, we purchase and marinate these chops. Marinade: -Licken of mint sauce (not jelly - it should be thin) -Smidgen of mustard (or as I call it, "moootard") -Dashen of olive oil (oil of olives) -Bumpen of worstechesterrsherhsireshire sauce -Salt n pep Taste the marinade, it should be mindblowing yet experimental. I have never in my life made pork chops before, yet our downstairs neighbour ALSO made porkchops last night??? WEIRD. Results: Mushrooms and apples that had sauteed along with the chops were flippin' incredible. They were all partly brown and seared, so juicy inside with all the flavours. Good grief those were good. Garlic sugar snap peas with a teeny tiny touch of soy sauce were simple and fresh and delicious. Has a dinosaur ever told you he loves you and loves Sunday dinner? Well... I love you, and I love Sunday dinner. JRW: Wait. there was a dinosaur? I missed this part. It must have taken place when I was leaned back, eyes closed, thinking about how wonderful the marinade made everything taste. This was one of my favorite dinners in a while, the flavors all just worked well together. The peas were crisp, crisp and snappy. Like a dapper English gentleman. And mushrooms are slowly creeping up to take the lead over cheese in the race to my heart. Well, maybe not. That's almost blasphemy. I digress. The point is, food is a marvelous, wonderful thing, pigs is smart, and we love Sunday dinner. And dinosaurs.