Thursday, November 17, 2005


YE OLDE COCKNEY FRIED EGG SAMMY & CHIPS; JAM-LESS JAM BAR KJJ: Above- the dinner of a man cooking for himself. He just fries em up and naturally is very satisfied with his meal. So satisfied he lets everyone around know how satisfied he is with his self-made fried egg sandwich and chips for one. JRW: Sit down, and let me spin you a tale about a man. A man who used to live in a teeny little apartment with a teeny little kitchen where he cooked HUGE meals, but had no one to cook them for. He experimented with wonderul flavors, quick bursts of static culinary excitement. It was a brave new world to the man, made exciting by both his failures and successes. But each meal took longer than the last, and as he got braver, he got more anxious and ended up taking forever and cursing like a sailor (or so he was told). Dude. I need to get back in the kitchen. Fried egg sandwiches are good and all, but... KJJ: Above- a jam-less jam bar from a nameless coffee establishment. Usually they are so good. Where's the jam? WHERE'S THE JAM? I was so dissapointed with my dinner (yep, dinner) that i listened to Sgt Peppers Jam-less Lonely Jambar Band all night and burned the rest of this jam-bar right back to Jamabama at the bottom of a lake and sadness and then cry all night with the tears. JRW: WHOA! And, for the record, that's all she wanted-I didn't "cheat" her out of a wonderful fried egg sandwich.