Tuesday, November 29, 2005


VEGGIE BURGERS W/ MUSHROOMS; SIDE-O-PICKLE; SALAD W/ FETA CHEESE KJJ: Inside the darkest lair of veggie burger innards lays a landscape so vast, so hideous looking, so full of mushroomy goodness that no woman can resist EATING THE HELL OUT OF IT. The only reason I didnt eat two is because Dyonisus called and he wants his gluttony back. Sorry chief! JRW: It even had that Replicant-Burger taste! Best brand, by far. And the mushrooms! Oh, those little chewy yummy caps! Man couldn't resist either, and we both contemplated Round 2, but this way, we get to have them again, and you will get to read about them again. And we might even say the same things about them. Again. KJJ: Oh yeah... the salad. Cause that, like, makes up for the pork chops yesterday? JRW: Paper beats rock. Rock beats scissor. Lettuce beats pig. KJJ: Aerial view. That burger is actually 60 feet in diameter. ... Or should I say... "dinnermeter"? JRW: You forgot the best part: a pile of vitamins, and those little hazlenut chocolates. Did we eat all those little things? They were good.