Friday, November 25, 2005


POT ROAST BEEF WITH VEGETABLES! CARROT LEEK SOUP!! GREEK SALAD!!! PECAN PIE!!!! BAKED APPLE!!!!! KJJ: Here is our pot-roast before we put it in the oven. JRW: The big secret here was this wicked rub some friends made as gifts at their wedding. I've been secretly sitting...waiting...for the it. The anticipation of that sentence had you perched on edge, didn't it? That's how I was, all day long. KJJ: After fussing over it and punishing it in the oven for 3 1/2 hours- it seemed to be a success! JRW: IT WAS THE RUB! KJJ: Above, the spicy carrot, leek, celery and potato soup. Very simple: simmer all the veggies in broth for about 20 mins, then run through the blender and add seasoning. JRW: The rub would've be weird to use here, obviously, but you know...I'm just THINKING about it. KJJ: Above, the tableau of deliciousness. I can't believe we ate an entire pot-roast. The Greek Salad was actually really good, the trick is to make it before dinner, let it sit in the fridge and crisp while the seasoning and oils *slightly* marinate the feta. JRW: GAME ON. KJJ: Our wine, pecan pie and baked apple. Baked apple is so simple: cut it in half, pour maple syrup and cinnamon over it and put 'er in the oven for 20 mins at 350c. Right before serving sprinkle with a bit of sugar. It is a nice warm desert. JRW: Thanksgiving turned, from a disaster of epic and ill-conceived, plan-wrecked proportions, into a Festivus miracle, all wrapped up nicely with a piece of pie, just like on the TV shows.